Terms & Conditions

When you sign up for our services you agree to the following conditions.

  • You have full use of our content and software.
  • You are NOT contracted and are able to cancel or pause your membership at any time.
  • You understand that to cancel or pause your membership you must go to ‘Manage Subscriptions’ located in the menu of our website

You understand that when you cancel your service you will receive an email confirming cancellation within a few minutes. If you do not get this confirmation you must contact us immediately to confirm your membership has been cancelled.

You understand that this is a subscription-based service and you will be charged periodically based on the subscription you choose.


Fraudulently disputing payments will result in a lifetime ban from ALL our services. All disputes with be fought and evidence will be provided to show that you have agreed to our conditions on sign up. If you need to discuss payments please contact us via email, Facebook or our site.

Refunds will not be provided under any of the following circumstances:

  • You decided you don’t like what we offer.
  • You decided it’s too expensive.
  • You forgot to cancel.
  • You thought you cancelled or paused your membership.
  • You cancelled your membership shortly after renewal.

Refunds that may be provided:

  • You’ve cancelled your subscription but our system charges you again through a system fault.
  • You can provide evidence that you cancelled the service and had confirmation from us.